La mortification du péché

The mortification of sin

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Like a great adventure, the Christian life can sometimes seem like a labyrinth in which it is difficult to move forward. This book is not intended to provide a solution to all the problems of the Christian life, but, by addressing some of them, it is intended to demonstrate that the Word of God provides the solution to every problem, as well as encouragement , the edification and comfort necessary for every Christian, whatever the situation in which he finds himself.

This book is a single-volume reissue of four pamphlets previously published in the “Labyrinth” series. Each of the topics covered aims to help you progress in your Christian life:

  • The old and new nature of the Christian
  • The Christian's Trial
  • The power of the Christian
  • The growth of the Christian

Contents :

  • Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. Why must we mortify the flesh?
  3. The work of the Spirit in mortification
  4. Our spiritual life and well-being depend on mortification
  5. What mortification is not
  6. What is mortification
  7. Mortification is only possible in the believer
  8. God asks us to obey in all areas of our lives
  9. Worrying Symptoms of Sin
  10. The true nature of sin
  11. Sensitivity of consciousness and vigilance of the heart
  12. Humility
  13. Wait for God's verdict
  14. The work of Christ and the power of the Spirit

ISBN: 9782924773031