The (astonishing) grace of God. Volume 1

The (astonishing) grace of God. Volume 1

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A biblical and systematic theology of the covenant

This book opens a window onto the vast panorama of the Christian faith.

Biblical revelation, read in the context of the torments of our century, allows us to discover the infinite and eternal God who intervenes in person in a world that belongs to him.

God's project unfolds from the origins to the new creation in the narration of the history of salvation. At its center, the incarnation of Jesus Christ, the Mediator, seals an eternal alliance between God and his creation: human beings and the ecosphere.

The astonishing grace of God thus manifested is the Christian heritage. It offers a view of reality different from that of world religions or philosophies.

The names of its witnesses shine like stars: the Fathers of the Church, the Protestant Reformers, the actors of the Evangelical Awakenings and the missionary movement, without forgetting the martyrs of the present time.

These pages offer anything other than reheated theology lessons or obscure dialogues between specialists. Everyone will find something to root their life and their testimony within the framework of the biblical alliance of which God, our God, is the author.

Volume I includes the first two parts:
1. The specificity of the Christian faith
2. God: the world constructs and deconstructs

Author: Paul Wells

ISBN: 9782755004229