The Bible for couples - Soft white cover, gold edge

The Bible for couples - Soft white cover, gold edge

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Version of the Sower. Meditations and Study Guides by Gary Chapman

Whether your relationship is healthy or difficult, taking time with God, reading His Word, and communicating intimately will greatly improve your life as a couple.

This is the purpose of the Bible you hold in your hands: to help you read it individually or to schedule time to go through it together and to encourage you to talk about your relationship through the different meditations, studies and articles offered.

The Bible for the couple uses the Sower translation which aims to make the biblical text easily understandable to the uninformed reader, and to allow those who are familiar with the Bible to appreciate the meaning and richness in a new way. of his message.

Managing Editor Gary Chapman is a world-renowned marriage counselor, author of the best-selling Love languages published by Farel editions.

Special sections

  • 260 meditations for every day of the week
  • 52 Bible studies for every weekend
  • Relationship advice to fully understand your needs and those of your partner
  • A thematic index to find answers to your questions
  • Introductions to biblical books which simply explain the purpose and themes covered
  • Color maps, a glossary and a calendar which will enrich your biblical culture

    ISBN: 9782863145418