Islam in (20) questions

Islam in (20) questions

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While Islam and Islamism are in every conversation and weigh on the social and political climate, here is a book which provides keys to understanding, with a view to witnessing in the spirit of Christ.

In 20 questions and answers, Jamil C. disentangles the true from the false, the fantasized and the real. As a good connoisseur of Islam, he gives explanations, offers interpretations, helps to understand the issues of complex relations between Muslims and Christians. It offers ways to be in contact with our neighbors and fellow Muslims, to bear witness to Jesus, without dodging the annoying questions...

A book from which the reader can draw as they wish, depending on their interest in this or that question. In a few pages each time, the author responds with competence, clarity and tact. A long awaited book!

The author holds a master's degree in Religious Science from the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology of Vaux-sur-Seine. He is also a former student of the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE), Islam section.


Introduction by Nicolas Widmer

PART 1: Theology and spirituality

Q 1. Whether we call Him “Allah” or “God,” isn’t it ultimately the same God?
Q 2. What are the fundamental similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity?
Q 3. Among the different trends within Islam (from the most open to the hardest), where is the authoritative body or texts located?
Q 4. What should we say about the assertion that Islam is a violent religion in itself, in its texts and in practice?
Q 5. Can we hope that Islam recognizes the principle of freedom of conversion to other religions? If not, why and what to do? If yes, under what conditions?
Q 6. Is Islam a religion of salvation by works?
Q 7. What is the daily religious life of a Muslim like?
Q 8. How to respond to the statement heard: Islam is an evil religion?
Q 9. Does Islam oppress women?
Q 10. What about the notion of mission in Islam?

PART 2: Society

Q 11. What relationships should our society of Judeo-Christian culture seek to maintain with Muslims?
Q 12. How to answer the question: why encourage the integration of Muslims in France, when Christians are persecuted in Muslim countries?
Q 13. Are there different currents in Islam and how to recognize them? Which ones are present today in France? Do we have any idea of ​​the proportions?
Q 14. Can Islam be experienced as one religion among others in a given society?
Q 15. Is Islam expanding in Europe? How do we respond to those who are worried about this?
Q 16. Wearing the “burqa” provokes violent reactions in France. Where does the practice of veiling come from and why are there different practices?

PART 3: Relationship between Christians and Muslims

Q 17. How to enter into contact and dialogue with Muslim neighbors or colleagues? What should we pay attention to in our attitudes?
Q 18. Should a local church contact a mosque and if so, how?
Q 19. Do official dialogues exist between Christians and Muslims? What do you think?
Q 20. How to bring a Muslim to the Christian faith? And what in the Gospel can attract Muslims?

ISBN: 9791091090094