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The art of discernment

The art of discernment

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Knowing how to make the right decisions

God saw that it was good...

Our world seems far from this original statement. Our daily lives are noisy and chaotic, fueled by too much information and too little wisdom. Suffering, conflicts and uncertainties make the headlines. No wonder we find it easier to find safety, to retreat into communities of thought, to strive to survive rather than to live.

  • But what if God wanted us to do more than survive?
  • What if He wants us to walk confidently in this world and take part in His plan of redemption?
  • What if we could recapture the beauty and goodness that God established in the beginning?

By rediscovering the lost art of discernment, you can. Discernment is not just about avoiding bad things. Discerning sets one free to navigate the world with joy and confidence, while knowing how to recognize what is good. As you learn to discern and develop a taste for what is good, you will also rediscover the God who not only created all things, but who will one day make all things good again.

Author: Hannah Anderson

ISBN: 9782863145180