The call

The call

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Author: Os Guinness

Discover and fulfill God's purpose for your life

This powerful book goes far beyond any superficial understanding of God's vocation or calling. Far beyond your work, far deeper than your personal successes, far higher than your dreams of personal fulfillment, the call touches the very heart of your existence. In this book, Os Guinness offers principles for anyone seeking to discover the central purpose of their life.

  • How can I discover my vocation?
  • What is the relationship between my vocation and my identity?
  • Is the calling just a spiritual matter, or is it about activities, my job, my career, my dreams?

For the author, “vocation is not what we ordinarily think it is. It often goes against our human inclinations. But nothing, if not the vocation of God, is capable of founding and satisfying the most authentic of human desires for meaning.”

In the tradition of CS Lewis and Oswald Chambers, Os Guinness offers us a now classic work on the meaning of life.

Os Guinness , author of more than thirty books, is director of research at the Oxford Center for Christian Apologetics.

- 432 pages

ISBN: 9782755003796