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This is not a book ! It’s a game, a coaching journey, a picture to paint.

Enter the game and you will discover a valuable treasure: yourself.
Each chapter offers you the opportunity to play. Sometimes you will be able to do this in the book and sometimes you will find links to get out of it. Like windows opening to you, to travel out of these pages, into space. You will find yourself on websites, on videos or on psychometric tests. Some questionnaires are free and others are professional and paid.

You can choose to stop at places that interest you or fly to others that appeal to you more. You are not required to do all of the exercises suggested. You will make discoveries commensurate with your involvement in this journey.

“A guide to lead us towards our full radiance” Claude Bressani, approved professional coach

“A book that I have been waiting for for a long time: what a great adventure!” - Jean-Marc Potenti, President RNC

“Philippe inspires his readers to become intentional again in their life choices.” - Jean-Luc Zielhi, President Evangelical Network Switzerland

"Both deep and fun to read, does not contain magic recipes but is full of tools. - Pierre Bergeron, Trainer and coach with the John Maxwell team

“His simplicity and authenticity touch me. Philippe helps everyone to grasp their true identity.” Eric Célérier, Founder of Top Chrétien.

ISBN: ISBN: 9782895761525