Youth a passion a vision

Youth a passion a vision

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This book is a guide to reaching young people and seeing their lives changed as well as to starting and maintaining a long-term ministry with them.

It will help you build a solid spiritual team that will lay the foundations of faith in the hearts and lives of young people.

Nine principles that apply everywhere will help you be filled with the power to be a passionate and committed leader:

  • - Define the purpose of your ministry and communicate it effectively.
  • - Know how to determine your potential audience.
  • - Develop programs that will reach your listeners and fulfill God's plan.
  • - Apply the process that will help your students mature.
  • - Improve your ministry through clearly defined values.
  • - Partner with parents to involve the whole family.
  • - Hire assistants and teach them to become leaders in their own right.
  • - Persevere in difficult times.
  • - Adapt to a constantly changing environment.

I don't want to organize more activities, but rather impact more lives.

ISBN: 9782921335560