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Introduction to theology

Introduction to theology

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Each section is peppered with tables and diagrams which make it easier to follow the development of the topics. Different theological positions are presented and evaluated. The reader will be able to broaden their knowledge thanks to the detailed bibliography associated with the sections. The glossary and index will allow him to easily find the information he is looking for.

This work examines the latest trends in theology. Several chapters deal with contemporary issues: The emerging Church, evangelical feminism, prosperity theology, etc.

Introduction to Theology will help you:
– understand what the Word of God teaches;
– develop mature and reasoned convictions;
– delineate the issues of past or current theological debates;
– recognize acceptable doctrines from those that must be fought;
– faithfully teach the Scriptures;
– identify the different currents of Churches and the theology that inspires them;
– formulate a biblical conception of God, the world and life.

Theology is no longer reserved for specialists. Enns offers beginners a valuable reference tool and more experienced people a global reflection on essential subjects.

ISBN: 9782890821170