Humility True greatness

Humility True greatness

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God expressly states that he is drawn to the humble. He also manifests in clear terms his opposition to the proud. Humility and pride cannot coexist. One of these attitudes must inevitably capitulate to the other. Which of these paths will you pursue?

Contents :

  • Foreword by Joshua Harris
  • Introduction

Part One: Our Greatest Ally, Our Greatest Enemy
The struggle between humility and pride

  1. The promise of humility
  2. The perils of pride

Part two: An important about-face
Our Savior and the Secret of True Greatness

  1. Greatness redefined
  2. Greatness demonstrated

Part Three: Our Greatest Quest
The practice of true humility

  1. At the start of each day
  2. At the end of each day
  3. Special focus
  4. Knowing how to recognize the manifestations of grace
  5. Encourage others
  6. Request and seek correction
  7. Facing trials with humility
  8. A legacy of greatness
  • The final word
  • How to Overthrow Pride and Cultivate Humility: A List of Suggestions
  • Heartfelt thanks
  • Notes at the end of the book

ISBN: 9782923614342