Bible Doctrine Guide 2nd Edition

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THE Guide to biblical doctrine , of undeniable spiritual and intellectual value, defends with authority and relevance the points of view of fundamentalism, in a spirit of tolerance for different theses when they do not concern fundamental truths.

This book contains a real theological sum, enriched with an index of subjects (around 350) and an index of more than 4000 biblical references! The reader has in a single volume a precise, systematic study instrument covering all the elements entering into the sphere of theological science. Bible Doctrine Guide will therefore prove particularly useful to students, but also to readers who want to dig into and explore the science of God and his works.

The author offers his reader a well-defined field of study. The latter will advance with rigor and blessing in the search for knowledge of a sovereign God who is yet close and personal.

Author: Henry C Thiessen

ISBN: 9782890821675