Bible Sower Study - Colorful Rigid Generation

Bible Sower Study - Colorful Rigid Generation

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Generation Bible

A new study Bible for everyone who wants to grow in faith. Students, high school students and young adults will find practical resources to build on solid foundations and better live their faith in today's world; youth groups and home groups will find guides to stimulate their reflection and make the link between the Gospel and daily life; people who wonder about the Bible, who want to learn to read it better, whatever their age, will find there the explanations and clarifications necessary for a richer reading of the biblical text.

Génération Bible accompanies the biblical text:

  • of introductions which focus on the reading of the biblical text, with a view to which they provide the reader with keys to reading, understanding and application
  • notes linked to a specific verse or section notes
  • tools to better understand the Bible
  • thematic sheets to root, build and live the faith
  • tables, maps and chronologies to find your way in the biblical world
  • questions to study alone or in a group.

Other resources

  • A glossary to understand the key words of the Bible
  • An index to identify the characters, people and places of the Bible
  • A List of Bible Promises, Key Verses of Faith and Discipleship
  • Tips and a schedule for daily Bible reading

60 thematic sheets

Root: doctrinal sheets which summarize, in the appropriate place in the biblical text, the main foundations of the Christian faith.

Build: sheets that answer the big questions of the Christian life, drawing on the biblical context in which they are placed, then expanding to biblical theology as a whole.

Living: fact sheets that address the practices of the Christian faith and the way of living it today in the world and in the Church.

Around 50 tables, maps and timelines

Finding your way around the world: maps, diagrams, tables and timelines that provide an overview and situate biblical issues in their historical and cultural context.

100 reading guides

Study guides: for individual or group examination of the “major” texts of the Bible.

Erratum: in the book of Genesis, you should read page 46 before page 45. Please accept our apologies for this inversion.

ISBN: 9782755003017