Excavations in Galilee (Board game)

Excavations in Galilee (Board game)

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Will you be able to reconstruct the biblical books?

The year is 2084. Humanity no longer uses paper because all information is digitized on the Internet. Unfortunately, a terrible global computer outage causes the loss of all this precious data, and the Bible is no exception.

From 3 to 5 players, for games lasting around 1 hour. In this board game, you play archaeologists in order to reconstruct the biblical books. A game that will allow you to memorize and understand the Bible in a fun and enjoyable way.

Contents of the box:
- Rules of the game (details in the video below)
- Cards: 82 “verse” cards / 82 “illustration” cards
- 4 cards summarizing the rules
- 100 color tokens / 25 with logos

ISBN: 9782853007832