The Christian faith and the challenges of the contemporary world

The Christian faith and the challenges of the contemporary world

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Throughout time, Christians have thought about their faith and witnessed to the Gospel taking into account the world in which they lived, thereby meeting a number of challenges. Today's world is no exception; the multiple questions it raises make a twofold approach necessary: ​​thinking about the Christian faith in the present context and taking a Christian look at today's realities. It is this double orientation which guided the 49 authors of this volume in the writing of the 76 articles which make this dictionary a compendium of Christian reflection without equivalent, in its breadth and diversity.

The articles, which are all benchmarks for a bold, wise and relevant testimony, are organized around six major areas of reflection:

  • theology and the main Christian doctrines and themes;
  • the Bible and the global questions it poses;
  • ethics and the major moral questions of today, sometimes burning and painful questions, whether individual or collective;
  • culture and society, and therefore the main trends in today's world;
  • faith and religion, in order to situate the Christian faith in the very diverse religious and spiritual world in which modern globalization places us;
  • philosophy and values, in other words the major currents which shape the thinking and behavior of our contemporaries.

Christophe Paya is professor of practical theology at the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology (Vaux-sur-Seine).

Nicolas Farelly is director of training for the Federation of Evangelical Baptist Churches of France (FEEBF) and associate professor of New Testament at the Free Faculty of Evangelical Theology (Vaux-sur-Seine).

ISBN: 9782755001945