Fils de Marie, Fils de Dieu 9782914562805

Son of Mary, Son of God

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The Lord Jesus occupies the central place of authentic Christianity. Sects and many current trends in modern thought teach things about it that are much less glorious and accurate than the Bible does. This breeds great ignorance and causes deep confusion, even for many faithful Christians.

Who, then, really is Jesus Christ?

To answer this question, the author listens to the Word of God. With exceptional clarity, it presents what God reveals about the unique person of the savior Messiah.

For the Bible, Jesus is both God and man in the same person. With a precise and warm style, the author leads the reader through all the data in the Word of God. It thus allows him to deepen his understanding of the dual nature of Christ and the marvelous greatness of his unique person.

This book is intended to build up the faith of believers on the truth about the Lord Jesus Christ and to lead them to bow down again at His feet in a fiery spirit of praise and worship. Here is the Christ of the Bible, the Savior in all his divine glory and perfect humanity. He is Son of Mary and Son of God.

Stuart Olyott : After serving for many years as a pastor, in Liverpool and Lausanne, he served as pastoral director of the Welsh Evangelical Movement. He also lectured at Bryntirion, the Welsh Evangelical Theological College, before leading a very active retreat. He is the author of numerous books, several of which have been translated into French.

Contents :

  • Preface
  • Foreword and introduction
  1. God of all eternity
  2. Emmanuel – God with us
  3. God, today and forever
  4. A man's promise
  5. Here is the man !
  6. Man, today and forever
  7. A single person
  8. Two distinct natures
  9. Mistakes, yesterday and today
  • Appendix 1 – The Chalcedonian Formulation
  • Appendix 2 – The so-called Athanasius Creed
  • Index of biblical references

ISBN: 9782914562805