Gospels and Acts

Gospels and Acts

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Introduction to the New Testament. Volume 1

Four gospels tell us the life of Jesus. Three of them have a lot of similarities. The fourth is very different. The book of Acts, which extends the gospel of Luke, depicts the life of the early Church. These five books constituting the first half of the New Testament have always posed problems for those who think:

  • How can we explain the similarities and differences between the first three gospels?
  • What is their origin ? When were they written?
  • What was the purpose of each of them?
  • Why is the fourth gospel so different from the other three? What is its historical value? Who is the author ?
  • Did the book of Acts come from a companion of the apostle Paul? What is his goal ? What is the historicity of his stories and speeches?

These questions, which have preoccupied theologians for centuries, have given rise to an abundant literature. The three authors of this volume attempt to take stock of current research by examining:

  • the various solutions to the synoptic problem,
  • the characteristics of each gospel and the questions it asks,
  • the sources and historical value of each book.

For each gospel the following are reviewed: author and recipients, characteristics, purpose, date and circumstances of writing, authenticity, historical value, sources, structure, specific theological accents, plan.

Some chapter titles:

  • The origins of the evangelical tradition
  • The synoptic problem. Its solutions
  • Recent debates
  • Overcoming the synoptic problem
  • Special introduction to each of the gospels
  • The background of the Gospel of John
  • Sources of Acts. The speeches
  • Acts and Epistles of Paul

Authors: Alfred Kuen, Frank Horton and François Bassin

ISBN: 9782940488391