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Talk to me now.

Practical commentary on the New Testament

Speak to me now , this is the prayer that every Christian makes when he opens his Bible: he asks God to speak to him through Scripture. This work is a commentary that reads like a book of meditation. It explains the meaning of the text in an accessible way while offering numerous practical applications.

This book will help you:

  • draw encouragement for your Christian life,
  • revitalize your moments of personal worship,
  • experience times of constructive exchange with other Christians or with your home group,
  • dig into Scripture so that you can teach it to others.

Dominique Angers admirably combines two skills that rarely come together: erudition and simplicity.
Florent Varak | Pastor, blogger, teacher at the Institut Biblique de Genève

I held Dominique Angers in high esteem, for his competence, his firmness, his dedication. After reading it on the epistle to the Ephesians, I admire. I admire the intimate alliance of science, spiritual wisdom, and pedagogy.
Henri Blocher | Honorary dean of the FLTE of Vaux-sur-Seine

Clear and practical sections:

  • Text in context
  • Central message
  • Text logic
  • Plan
  • Comment
  • Panoramic view of text
  • Application
  • Pray

Author: Dominique Angers

ISBN: 9782362494871