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Finally freed from overwork

Finally freed from overwork

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Accomplish more by doing less

How to better organize your life to have more free time

“One of the reasons so few of us achieve what we really want is a lack of attention and focus. No one understands this better than Michael Hyatt. In his new book Finally freed from overwork , it offers a new, easy-to-follow approach to harnessing the power of attention and concentration. »
—Tony Robbins, author of the bestselling New York Times , Unshakeable

Finally freed from overwork will help you use your time well and become the person you really are. »
—Dave Ramsey, bestselling author of New York Times and host of a national radio show

“Before being written, great stories have been the subject of reflection. It is the same for our life. Mike gives us a framework for planning our lives so that we don't have to regret it. It's a great book. »
—Donald Miller, bestselling author of New York Times , founder and CEO of StoryBrand

“Business makes no sense. What matters is doing the work that really matters. This book shows us how. »
—Cal Newport, bestselling author of New York Times , author of Deep Work And Digital Minimalism

“Michael Hyatt is one of the best leaders I know. Leaders are looking for methods that help them be good leaders both at work and at home. The book Finally freed from overwork presents an approach that every leader worth their salt needs. »
—John C. Maxwell, author, speaker and leadership expert

“Like you probably, I found myself buried under a mountain of daily tasks to accomplish, seeing my most important goals and projects slip away. Here is the solution. Michael Hyatt offers an approach that really works. Finally freed from overwork does not disappoint. »
—Lewis Howes, bestselling author of New York Times , author of The School of Greatness And The Mask of Masculinity

Author: Michael Hyatt

ISBN: 9782940413829