Torn childhood

Torn childhood

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Torn Childhood is a remarkable work. It goes well beyond superficial ideas about change, but nevertheless remains firmly grounded in the biblical foundation as it explores the depths of devastation wrought by sexual abuse. I really consider it a pioneering work. It is not the last word in a biblical approach to helping victims of abuse, but it is much more than the first. Rigorous argumentation and extremely harsh discussions about how sexual abuse devastates the soul and what the victim must overcome to heal, will first cause suffering, then eventually provoke resistance, but will always provide hope to the sincere reader, whether they themselves are a victim or a person committed to helping victims.

“Dan Allender has strived to adopt a lively and sober style to treat a subject often seized upon by the tabloid press, and he does so without ever betraying decency; moreover, he seeks to focus attention on the Gospel by proclaiming his unwavering confidence in its power to restore victims of abuse to their dignity as forgiven people, who in turn can give grace and to love with courage, with a saddened heart, but nevertheless sparkling with life. »
–Larry Crabb

Dan Allender received his Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary and his Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology Counseling from Michigan State University. For seven years he taught biblical counseling at Grace Theological Seminary. He is currently the president of Mars Hill Graduate School near Seattle, Washington and travels frequently to present to victims of sexual abuse and specialists his unique vision of recovery from this traumatic experience.

Contents :

  • Preface
  • Prologue: The Quest for Healing

Part One: The Dynamics of Abuse

  1. The reality of combat: facing the situation
  2. The enemy: sin and shame
  3. Contempt: a way to divert attention
  4. The battle zone: strategies for engaging in sexual abuse

Part Two: The Damage Caused by Sexual Abuse

  1. Impotence
  2. The treason
  3. The ambivalence
  4. Secondary symptoms
  5. Relationship style

Third part: Prerequisites for growth

  1. The incredible road to joy
  2. Sincerity
  3. Repentance
  4. The courage to love
  • Epilogue: A few words to the wise
  • Notes
  • Contents
  • Important Notice

ISBN: 9782980337017