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This book is about research. It's about how God pursues his people and how they in turn pursue him, and how he uses us to pursue others.

God pursued us when Jesus came to this fallen world as an agent of redemption asking us to follow him and become his disciples. However, what did Jesus actually mean by disciple? What is our mission as disciples? Pastor Bill Clem masterfully answered these questions by explaining Jesus' intentions when he called his followers his “disciples” and when he later told us to make disciples. This practical guide combines scripture passages with real-life examples to illustrate the essential elements of Christian discipleship.

Whether you have been following Jesus for a short time or for many years, Discipleship will help you understand that Jesus invites his people to freedom rather than simply obeying rules, by providing you with a relational framework rather than behavioral instructions for your pursuit of God.

Contents :

  • Foreword by Mark Driscoll
  1. God's story
  2. The hero of the story
  3. The image bearer of God
  4. Distortions of identity
  5. Worship
  6. Distortions of Worship
  7. The community
  8. Distortions of community
  9. The mission
  10. Mission distortions
  11. The plan
  12. The multiplication
  • Notes

ISBN: 9782924110140