God and politics

God and politics

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At a time when Christianity is under attack from all sides, when books are being published accusing Christians of being theocrats trying to impose their point of view on a reluctant culture, what is the message of the Christian Church? What does the Bible teach us and what do we learn from history about the proper relationship between faith and culture? Drawing on Scripture, as well as reason and history, this work addresses the most pressing and controversial issues in society today.

Regardless of your political or religious stance, this book will offer you a different understanding of Christianity. If you are a Christian, it will help you examine and defend your faith. If you are hostile to a certain form of Christianity, you may be shocked at what you learn. Questioning both secular and religious values, God and Politics takes a critical look at both entities without taking sides and offers a perspective full of hope and balance that we greatly need in today's climate.

“It’s definitely worth reading!” »
Billy Graham

“Colson’s critique of the religious right is particularly noteworthy. [...] His warnings echo concerns that religious conservatives would be unwise to ignore. »
Richard N. Ostling ( Time Magazine )

“The timing could hardly have been better for such an author to write on such a subject. »

Private advisor to American President Richard Nixon in the early 1970s, influential personality, Charles Colson was known to be ruthless. Indicted following the Watergate scandal, he turned to the Christian faith in 1973, when he was incarcerated. He later founded Prison Fellowship , an organization now present in more than a hundred nations that seeks to reach prisoners and their families, as well as work on criminal justice reform. In 1993 he was awarded the Templeton Prize.

ISBN: 9782881501333