Catholics and evangelicals question each other

Catholics and evangelicals question each other

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“The following file, the result of a partnership, is precious. It highlights a number of key questions that often arise. Precise, well-argued instructions help us enter into the thoughts and faith of others in order to overcome preconceived notions and even ignorance..."
Mgr Vincent JORDY
“Great work!… Model of irenicism which takes an empathetic interest in the beliefs of “others”. Model of frankness regarding the questions asked, without taboos. Model of clarity, despite the legitimate desire to avoid offense, to tame difference, to turn towards the interlocutor a face that smiles. Everyone exhibits. Everyone explains... Dialogue serves the truth, by breaking distorted stereotypes, and by stimulating the rigorous re-examination of received convictions..."
Professor Henri BLOCHER

“The worksheets that I looked through with great interest honor the intelligence of believers at the same time as they explain the “feeling” of each community and its perception of the faith of the other… May this beautiful work allow the Holy Spirit to breathe, to enlighten us, to stimulate us to promote true exchanges, tending together towards the truth of Christ who wants to lead us to greater fraternity and unity. »
Mgr Christian KRATZ

“That a service of the Catholic Church and an agreement of evangelical Churches have seen fit to produce notices to know each other better and understand each other better is a sign of the times... of a significant evolution of the religious landscape..., an advanced secularization of our society..., developments in Catholicism and evangelism... So many reasons which explain the need to know and recognize each other as Christians... and appreciate each other. »
Pastor Étienne LHERMENAULT

ISBN: 9782755002133