Créée pour régner

Created to rule

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In the garden, the woman was taken from the man to stand by him and rule with him. But Satan's plans have robbed women and men of their rightful identities, defiling and weakening them. The world longs for God's original partnership to once again be brought into balance - and it can be.

Join Kris Vallotton on an extraordinary, enriching journey that includes:
- God's true plan and purpose for women
- The radical teachings of Jesus and his concern for women
- The important role of men in the restoration of women
- The true interpretation of difficult passages in the Bible concerning women
- Examples of women in leadership as God intended

God created women to rule alongside men. Jesus freed us so that we could reveal our true nature. It is time for all of us, as daughters and sons of the King, to reign together.

ISBN: 9782895761532