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Connected to each other

Connected to each other

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The Restorative Power of Deep Relationships

For decades, Christians have given up on relieving and caring for the souls of their fellow human beings overwhelmed by various ailments. They have offloaded this responsibility to specialists, professional psychotherapists, counselors – most of whom are not Christians – because they feared “not saying the right words”. However, the help we must provide to our fellow travelers is part of the mission and joys that God has entrusted to us.

There is in each Christian a vital power which only asks to be expressed, an energy capable of producing changes and improving the quality of the neighbor's relationship with God, capable also of bringing the heart of the saved closer to the one of the Savior, capable of still healing the bruised soul. This effective energy is released when the heart and soul of one Christian connects strongly with the heart and soul of another Christian. This close contact allows grace to flow from one to the other.

Why are we afraid of connecting with others? What prevents us from experiencing the joy associated with intimacy with our friends and families? How can we bring about this fusion between our souls which heals our wounds, makes us free to be ourselves, and allows us to know others as we ardently wish to be known?

We have not yet dreamed ambitious enough dreams of what we might mean to others. We have not yet explored all the riches of the treasure that God has buried within us. It's time to do it. It's time to connect.

Larry Crabb is a doctor of psychology. He worked in a consulting practice for twenty-five years. He currently teaches counseling at Colorado Christian University.

Author: Larry Crabb

ISBN: 9782921840484