Understanding and controlling anger

Understanding and controlling anger

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I got angry again and it played tricks on me. — I never get angry, I think it's not Christian. — There is good anger and bad anger, but I don't know the limits...

The mere mention of the word “anger” is enough to send us into complete confusion. Most of the time we form beliefs about anger without knowing its basis.

However, according to Gary Chapman, a renowned marriage and family counselor, feeling angry is not necessarily bad. It is above all a natural emotion against any form of injustice felt and which is sometimes much better than indifference.

In this work supported by concrete examples taken from his many hours of consultation, the author of the best-seller The Languages ​​of Love helps us understand the reasons for our anger or that of our loved ones to better control it.

Faithful to what makes it successful, it gives us practical and accessible keys both on a psychological and spiritual level to help us transform our anger into a constructive and positive emotion.

The memory aids and questions at the end of the chapter allow effective implementation of the teaching.

Contents :

  • Introduction
  1. Why do people get angry?
  2. The purpose of anger
  3. How to make anger positively productive?
  4. When anger is unjustified
  5. Dealing with unjustified anger
  6. Destructive reactions to anger
  7. Managing old anger
  8. Anger and forgiveness
  9. Anger in marriage
  10. Teaching children to manage their anger
  11. Anger against God
  12. Anger at yourself
  13. In the presence of an angry person
  • Epilogue: The Nature of God in Us
  • Notes

ISBN: 9782863144183