How could God allow suffering and evil?

How could God allow suffering and evil?

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Where does evil come from ?
- Why do innocent people suffer?
- Why doesn't God intervene?
- Does the devil really exist?
- How can a loving God send people to hell?
- Does Paradise really exist?

Why does God allow suffering and evil? Is Jesus the only way to God? Why should I trust the Bible? Difficult questions. Inconvenient questions. But also legitimate questions, which deserve that we take the time to examine them.

Each guide is organized into six discussions. Their goal: to encourage reflection and interaction within discussion groups. Objections to Christianity are openly addressed.

By engaging in such a process, you will be led to examine the merits of the Christian faith and your own opinions.

The What I Believe, It's Discussed collection was designed for groups, and is aimed at people seeking research or open-minded skeptics. This series is an attractive and easy to use tool.

ISBN: 9782362492945