What I wish I knew before getting married [Pocket format]

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Did you know that being in love is not enough to build a happy marriage? That love has two stages and that you have to know how to move from one to the other? That the proverb “Like mother, like daughter; Like father, like son” is not a myth? That when you get married, you will not only be marrying the person you love but also their family?

Whether you're single or considering marriage, this book will help you think about the questions you should ask yourself first . And for those who have already said “yes”, it will be a good opportunity to “take stock”!

A book to read, to offer and to put into practice now.

Gary Chapman has been a marriage counselor for over thirty years. He is also the author of numerous works, including the best-seller The Five Languages ​​of Love , published in many languages.

Contents :

  • Introduction
  1. Being in love is not enough
  2. There are two stages of love
  3. " Like Mother like daughter ; like father, like son "
  4. Resolve disagreements by avoiding arguments
  5. Knowing how to apologize is a strength
  6. Forgiveness is not a feeling
  7. Toilets don't clean themselves
  8. We need to establish a budget to manage our money well.
  9. Sexual pleasure is not necessarily mutual
  10. I also marry a family
  11. The Christian life is not just about going to church
  12. Temperament influences behavior
  • Afterword
  • Appendix

ISBN: 9782889130290