The character of the heroes of the faith

The character of the heroes of the faith

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Through this work, Doctor Kabuya Masanka touches on an essential subject in the times in which we live: true faith which is becoming increasingly rare.
Many Christians today are willing to exercise faith when it comes to "receiving blessings," but few of God's children are willing to stand up in faith to take risks for God and do His work in the face of to the challenges and impossibilities that lie before them.
May the Lord, through the reading of this book, see the rise of the “defeated” who by his grace and his Almighty strength will become victors because they will have had faith in the power of God who makes the last, of the first.

Pastor Jean-Marc Thobois

An inspiring book! These heroes of faith have strengths and weaknesses, qualities and faults like each of us but, each time, God has allowed them to triumph and transcend the events and obstacles of their lives to accomplish his divine plan.

A stimulating book! What was true for these heroes of times gone by is just as true for each of us now.

An edifying book! God is always looking for ordinary people to do extraordinary works. Dr. Kabuya Masanka's book shows you how.

Pastor Denis Morissette

ISBN: 9782895761198