Biblia de Estudio MacArthur tapa dura

Biblia de Estudio MacArthur tapa dura

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For more than three years of Pastor and Maestro John MacArthur who studied the Bible, he took detailed notes and taught others where he learned. The result of all of this is La Biblia de Estudio MacArthur. This exhaustive spiritual library uses the Reina-Valera 1960 version and includes personal studio notes from Pastor MacArthur alongside the biblical text on each page. So remember that this Bible will tend to have in its hands an incalculable source of information to hear difficult passages. Mediant palabras claras el pastor MacArthur explains the complete doctrines, the culture, the geography, the history and the idiomáticas variants in the biblical tiempos. La Biblia de Estudio MacArthur aroja luz para un verdadero hearimiento de la Palabra de Dios.


  • Text of the Reina-Valera version
  • 20,000 studio notes
  • Introduction to the Bible
  • Introduction and exhaustive forests for each book
  • Bosquejos de sistemática teología
  • Concordance
  • Index of the fundamental doctrines of the Bible
  • Mesianic Professions in the Antiguo Testamento
  • Cronología de los Reyes y Profetas del Antiguo Testamento
  • Chronology of the New Testament
  • How to find the Bible
  • How to study the Bible
  • Harmony of the Evangelios
  • More than 50 biblical maps
  • Maps a todo color
  • Size: 9.5 x 6.5 inches (inches)
  • Letter number: 8 points

ISBN: 9781602552951