Segond Bible 21 large soft green-gray print

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Reading the Bible gives you a headache because of the small print? You don't know how long it was between Abraham's arrival in Canaan and the migration of his descendants to Egypt?

Do you have difficulty situating Paul's letters in relation to the account of his travels in the Acts of the Apostles?

Easy to read and unique in its kind, here is for you the text of the Segond 21 Bible, a modern and reliable version of the Bible, printed in large characters, with:

  • detailed chronological indications in the introduction to each book
  • precise chronological markers on each page of the biblical text
  • an overview of biblical history
  • nearly 1500 notes which explain the meaning of the text (standard notes)
  • an introduction to the Bible
  • an introduction to each biblical book, with photo
  • the mention of texts to be read alongside the biblical book
  • parallel references per section
  • a system for quickly locating biblical books

ISBN: 9782608125484