Bible Segond 21 Large Print Rigid Illustrated

Bible Segond 21 Large Print Rigid Illustrated

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Segond 21

Introductions, detailed timelines, standard notes, photos

Reading the biblical text without tiring your eyes is what the Segond 21 Bible with large print allows you to read.

But not only that: it also allows us to easily situate events and texts in relation to each other, and thus always know where we are in history.

Here are the tools she offers for a better understanding of the Word of God:

  • a biblical text close to the original,
  • with today's words
  • an introduction to the Bible
  • an introduction to each Bible book with photo
  • detailed chronologies in the introduction to each book and in the appendix
  • precise chronological markers on each page of the biblical text
  • nearly 1,500 notes which explain the meaning of the text
  • parallel references per section
  • a system for quickly locating biblical books.

ISBN: 9782608125118