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Study Bible, Sower version, soft blue

Study Bible, Sower version, soft blue

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Blue softcover, white spine

The Sower Study Bible

The Sower Study Bible is the fruit of the work of a team of French-speaking evangelical theologians. In a clear and pleasant presentation in two colors, it offers everyone different tools to support them in their reading of the biblical text:

Introductions that situate the biblical books and prepare them for reading

  • A general introduction to the biblical canon (Old Testament and New Testament).
  • Introductions to the different biblical corpora: Pentateuch, Prophets, synoptic gospels, letters of Paul.
  • An introduction to each biblical book, covering issues of authorship, historical context, dating, structure, and theological significance.

Explanatory notes which help in understanding the biblical text

  • Notes of verses which, by providing historical and geographical, exegetical and sometimes theological elements, allow us to better understand the meaning of a verse, to identify the issues of its interpretation and the debates it gives rise to, to placed in the context of biblical theology. Manuscript discrepancies are also noted.
  • Section notes that draw out the essential teaching of a set of verses and highlight the evolution of the author's thinking in the book.
  • Summary notes on the five major parts of the book of Psalms.

Parallels that allow for an interpretation of Scripture by Scripture

  • The biblical references located in the column between the text and the notes make it possible to find parallel passages, either to the word, or to the expression, or to the entire verse, and are indicated in the text by the letters has , b , vs .

Illustrations, out-of-text plates and color maps

  • 53 tables, summaries, chronologies, plans and maps.
  • 12 colored maps which allow you to locate the events of the biblical story.

Indexes to help with research

  • An index of people, people and places.
  • A thematic index.
  • An index of main notes (OT and NT) grouping together notes that develop an important biblical theme.
  • An index which lists each place listed on the 12 color maps.

ISBN: 9782755004854