Segond 21 Bible - Thompson 21 Study Bible selection

Segond 21 Bible - Thompson 21 Study Bible selection

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Segond 21

Brown hard cover

The reference chains and study tools of the Thompson Study Bible have been known since 1990 in the French-speaking world, and many appreciate them. The Thompson 21 Selection Study Bible offers some of them, deemed the most useful and important. What also distinguishes it is that it arranges these elements throughout the text (not only at the end of the volume). As part of its centenary, the Société Biblique de Genève considered that it was a great tool to offer to its clients.

You thus access:

  • 124 thematic inserts reproducing in full several verses associated with a theme
  • 45 portraits of biblical characters with the biblical passages to consult first about them
  • alphabetical indexes of channels and various inserts
  • nearly 90 pages of additional study tools (summary tables, timelines, study plans)

ISBN: 9782608183118