Before saying yes

Before saying yes

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Would you like to have a happy and successful marriage? Do you want to know better the dreams and goals of your loved ones regarding your union? Before You Say Yes gives you the perfect opportunity to gain insight into your future partner's expectations and provides proven principles for establishing a satisfying, lifelong partnership.

Interactive studies, thought-provoking questions, and real-life examples will deepen your relationship while revealing areas of potential common ground and disagreement. You will find ways:

  • adjust to differences in personality and background;
  • to clarify expectations regarding each person’s role;
  • to develop spiritual intimacy;
  • to establish a positive sexual relationship;
  • manage your finances;
  • build healthy relationships with your in-laws;
  • And much more !

This workbook, inspired by many years of marriage preparation classes and enrichment seminars, provides solid information on how you and your partner can make your marriage what it should be. You will discover the role that Jesus Christ plays in marriage, and you will find the principles and strength necessary for a lasting union.

Norman Wright is the author of more than 50 books on communication, marriage and family. A licensed marriage, family and children's therapist, Dr. Wright is also the founding director of Christian Marriage Enrichment.

Wes Roberts is the founding president of Life Enrichment and the Kristos Institute. Located in Parker, Colorado, these counseling and counseling ministries are committed to strengthening Christian leaders throughout the world.

Contents :

  1. The definition of marriage
  2. Individuality and acceptance in marriage
  3. Love: the foundation of marriage
  4. What do you expect from marriage?
  5. A vision statement
  6. Meeting Needs in Marriage
  7. Roles, responsibilities and decisions
  8. In-laws
  9. Communication
  10. The dispute
  11. Finances
  12. Sexuality in marriage
  13. Your common spiritual life
  • Appendix: Plan your wedding together

ISBN: 9782921335959