The art of praying according to the Psalms

The art of praying according to the Psalms

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God wants “requests and prayers and supplications and thanksgiving” (1 Tim 2:1). But often, “ we do not know how to pray properly ,” so “ the Spirit comes to help us in our weakness ” (Rom 8:26).

One way to help us is to turn our attention to the prayers he inspired among men of God, prayers collected in the collection of Psalms.

But often, we have difficulty, in these 150 psalms, finding the one that suits our situation and meets our needs of the moment. This is why the prayers of the psalms have been classified here: calls for help, trust in God, various requests, praises... So everyone can immediately turn to the prayers that correspond to what they want to say to God .

Contents :


  • O God, hear my prayer
  • O God, give me grace!
  • Do not abandon me!
  • Save me!
  • Deliver!
  • Help, Lord, hasten to deliver me!
  • Until when?
  • Pity!
  • Arise, Lord!
  • The Lord hears when I cry to Him
  • The Lord saves those who belong to him
  • Search me, O God!
  • My spirit is dejected
  • I have sinned
  • Forgiven
  • I long for you
  • In you, Lord, I trust
  • Trust - assurance
  • I hope in you
  • I trust in your love
  • Eternal, you are
  • You are tall
  • You are sovereign
  • Almighty and glorious
  • You are my Rock, my fortress
  • A shield that protects me
  • No one is like you
  • You are a just God
  • You are also a close and good God
  • Full of compassion and tenderness
  • Lord, you are my refuge
  • I want to follow your ways
  • Lead me, teach me
  • I will praise the LORD
  • I want to praise you
  • ...for your power and your glory
  • ...for your wonderful works
  • ...for your justice
  • ...for your love and loyalty
  • ...for your kindness to me
  • ...and all your plans
  • I praise you, O God, for your word
  • I will praise you every day
  • Yes, praised be the Lord!
  • I want to intercede for
  • Blessed are the people whose God is the LORD
  • Sing to the Lord!
  • Promises
  • I ask you, oh God
  • Deliver me from evil
  • Make me whole
  • Deliver us from the wicked...

ISBN: 9782755002515