Hebrew-French interlinear Old Testament

Hebrew-French interlinear Old Testament

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The Hebrew text of the BHS is translated word for word in an interlinear manner (interlinear corpus: 2780 pages), on the principle of formal equivalence. At the bottom of the page are presented the texts of the TOB 2010 and the Bible in current French.

Appendices (35 pages)

- Various general remarks: qeré / ketiv , tetragram, grammar and literality, difficulty of translation. Many examples.

- 15 numbered notes concerning recurring difficulties, among others: aspectual values ​​in Hebrew and the question of tenses, idiomatic expressions, derived meanings and metaphors, textual difficulties, rare words and conjugations. Many examples.

- Conjugation tables

- Bibliography

- French and Hebrew index


Hard bound, 17x24 cm, 2815 pages,

ISBN: 9782853007733