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The life of Amy Carmichael

Amy Carmichael is a young Irish woman, a missionary in southern India at the end of the 19th century. Its main activity was to save hundreds of young children sold by their parents to 'serve' in Hindu temples.
Coming from a wealthy family, at a very young age, she thirsts for adventure and independence, much to the despair of her parents.
This led her, from the age of sixteen, to take care of the 'châleuses', the young workers in the factories of Belfast. The mission's call took her to Japan for two years, then to southern India, which she never left. Very quickly she chose to adopt local costume and work in full confidence with the country's Christians, which the fairly closed circle of 'British' missionaries considered as a mark of eccentricity.
Over the years, as the number of children welcomed increases, a real community of life will be established. Disabled following a bad fall and bedridden, she took the opportunity to write numerous books (stories and poems) which gave her international fame.
This book immerses us in then-British India.
It shows us that the love of God, embodied in his children, can touch hearts and transcend religious and cultural differences.

Written in simple terms, accessible to readers of all ages, the book aims to portray the character to make him more alive.

Author: Kay Walsh

ISBN: 9782918495277