Love God with all your mind

Love God with all your mind

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Author: Elizabeth George

“God knows everything about your life! »

Are you naturally anxious or emotionally fragile? Are you unsure about what to do in a given situation? Is God really at the heart of your thoughts?

Regardless of your situation and where you live, God knows everything you are going through and is with you. The more you know Him, the more peace, hope and encouragement you will have.

Join remarkable Bible teacher Elizabeth George as she explores six powerful Bible passages that will help you...

  • live one day at a time... without anxiety or worry,
  • orient yourself in the labyrinth of life... successfully,
  • grasp God's plan for your life... and pursue it,
  • trust in God in everything... even in situations that are incomprehensible to you,
  • think about what is true and real... about God and your life.

Through these pages, Elizabeth George will help you manage every situation in your life, day after day, draw closer to God and become aware of his grace and love in your life!

Contents :

  • Invitation to a transformed life

Train yourself to think correctly (Philippians 4:8)

  1. Think about the truth
  2. Thinking the Truth About...God and His Word
  3. Thinking the truth about...others
  4. Thinking the truth about the...future
  5. Thinking the truth about the...past and present
  6. Bring every thought captive

Overcome anxiety (Matthew 6:34)

  1. Focus on today
  2. Climb the mountain today
  3. Live one day at a time
  4. Live by the grace of God

Run for the prize (Philippians 3:13-14)

  1. Thinking about forgetting
  2. Discover the nuggets
  3. Continue to move forward tirelessly
  4. Reach forward... and set sail !
  5. Keep moving forward
  6. Running towards God's goal

Rely on the goodness of God (Romans 8:28)

  1. Trust in God
  2. Know God's Promise
  3. Be oriented towards faith
  4. Navigate the labyrinth of life

Follow God's plan (Jeremiah 29:11)

  1. Enduring Hard Times
  2. Bear fruit in difficult times
  3. Become God's Trophy of Grace
  4. Manifesting God’s Promise

Accept the unacceptable (Romans 11:33)

  1. Respond in life’s decisive moments
  2. Specialize in minor things?
  3. Trust in God in difficult times
  4. Accept the unacceptable
  • Changing and growing...

ISBN: 9782847001693