Acts - Volume 1 - Biblical commentaries

Acts - Volume 1 - Biblical commentaries

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Principles for discipling, building the Church, and evangelizing the world are taught in the book of Acts.

The book of Acts is the story of the beginning of the Church, then young in years, but mature in faith and destiny. In this verse-by-verse commentary, MacArthur focuses on the powerful lessons learned by the earliest Christians—through the experience of Pentecost, Peter's discourse, and the persecutions they faced—as the world began to be transformed by the Gospel that they proclaim.

Contents :

  • Foreword
  • Introduction

  1. Resources to Finish Our Lord's Unfinished Work
  2. The replacement of the traitor
  3. The baptism of the Holy Spirit
  4. The First Christian Sermon - Part One
  5. The Introduction: Explanation of Pentecost
  6. The first Christian sermon - Second part The theme: Proclamation of the risen Lord
  7. The First Christian Sermon - Part Three The Call and the Results
  8. The first Christian community
  9. A miracle to confirm the Word
  10. Peter's Powerful Sermon - Part 1: Peter Preaches Christ
  11. Peter's Powerful Sermon - Part Two: The Need for Repentance
  12. How to face persecution
  13. The sins of the saints
  14. The Early Church's Model of Evangelism
  15. The spiritual organization
  16. The man with the face of an angel
  17. Defense of the faith
  18. The first Christian martyr
  19. The persecuted Church spreads the Gospel
  20. The faith that does not save
  21. The faith that saves
  22. A Transformed LifeThe Marks of Effective Personal Ministry
  23. Salvation spreads
  24. The non-Jewish Church
  25. The madness of fighting against God

  • Bibliography
  • Greek Word Index
  • Index of biblical references
  • Subject index

ISBN: 9782890820326