The marital act

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A new, updated, expanded and more complete edition of an already authoritative book.

New sections covering important aspects such as:

  • Sexuality after sixty,
  • 5 reasons why God created sexual relations,

all supported by the latest scientific discoveries in medicine and sexology.

With nearly 3 million copies sold, The Marriage Act has already helped thousands of Christian couples in their lives together, promoted the rescue of a large number of couples and has been a valuable tool for pastors, doctors and psychologists.

With this new version, engaged couples and couples, whether they are newly married or have been married for years, will have a complete and up-to-date tool to make their love life a unifying and invigorating force for their couple. Pastors and counselors can also count on this work to guide their interventions and make them more meaningful for the couples they want to help.

The conjugal act revised and corrected, is an essential book which will hardly remain on your shelves for a long period of time. You will make it a reference reading and a reliable source of essential information for the 21st century couple.

The LaHaye's have helped thousands of couples build stronger, happier, more intimate marriages. They are world-famous authors and speakers.

Contents :

  • Preface
  1. The sanctity of sex
  2. The meaning of physical love for man
  3. The meaning of physical love for women
  4. Why did God create sex?
  5. Sexual information
  6. The art of loving
  7. For men only
  8. For women only
  9. The dissatisfied woman
  10. The key to the female response
  11. The helpless man
  12. For good family planning
  13. Our investigation into sexuality
  14. The missing dimension
  15. Practical answers to common questions
  • Notes
ISBN: 9782895760658