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A fierce love: One woman's courageous journey to save her marriage

A fierce love: One woman's courageous journey to save her marriage

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It didn't make sense to me. and I felt hurt beyond words. He didn't just say I don't love you now. He said that he didn't love me ever...

When Shauna Shanks heard her husband confess his affair and ask for a divorce, she faced the hardest decision of her life: give up on her marriage or fight for it. Giving up made the most sense. But then Shauna realized that God never intended love to make sense.

A Fierce Love is the story of Shauna's journey to love her husband with the audacious, illogical love of God. She dared to follow God's outline for love in 1 Corinthians: Love is patient.Love.Does.Not.Fail.

She realized these words are not just for fairytale relationships but for every marriage that is broken and hurting.

Through her heart-wrenching journey, Shauna not only found herself falling in love with her husband again, but also falling in love with Jesus - and that was a love that changed everything.

In A Fierce Love, Shauna shares her mistakes and the messiness of healing in order to point us to Jesus as the ultimate healer. This is a story of reaching out to God not in the calm but in the chaos - and there finding hope for the future.

Author: Shauna Shanks

ISBN: 9780310347538