52 original family adventures

52 original family adventures

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Simple and creative ideas for unforgettable memories

When you dreamed of your future family, you imagined outings, adventures, laughter around the kitchen table.

Then you had children. And most of the time you're too busy keeping your head above water to think about creating a special environment where everyone feels loved, has fun, and can express themselves. This is why this book was written: to allow you to create this environment, while saving you stress and a lot of time organizing everything.

Whether it's a pillow fight, a treasure hunt, a sports outing, give your family the privilege of having good memories, while speaking the love language of your loved ones. Enjoy the quality time you've always dreamed of, without the pressure of planning far in advance.

Look up from your screens, turn off the TV, and start creating unforgettable memories now!

Each adventure includes the following sections:

  • Preparation
  • Start of the adventure
  • This reminds me: ideas for discussing with family after the adventure
  • Family sharing: a time to meditate on a verse from the Bible related to the theme of adventure
  • The love language of the day.

Author: Randy Southern

ISBN: 9782863145081