365 stories - Volume 2

365 stories - Volume 2

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The stories are told by Jean-Louis Gaillard, pastor of the Christian Assembly of Chaville (92, France).

For several years, he has hosted programs on French-speaking Christian radio stations around the world. Most are true or inspired by real events.

This book contains 182 stories, which is a semester's worth of 365 stories.

Contents :

  • Foreword
  1. Saved by the great engineer
  2. Invited to the most beautiful concert, in the presence of the Father
  3. Just by the Word of God
  4. You never know... Paul Doumer
  5. A changed life
  6. Beer turned into furniture
  7. The Church, people without borders
  8. Is God good even during trials?
  9. The fragility of life
  10. Back home
  11. Astronomer but deserter
  12. The rock of our salvation
  13. The certainty of being saved
  14. The last Jew in Rotterdam
  15. When the pardoned refuses the pardon
  16. The plunger
  17. Humility, this weird thing
  18. He was one of us
  19. Heart story of a dad and his daughter
  20. Face the truth
  21. Another way of looking at things
  22. Beneficent clouds
  23. Martin Luther and Frederick Myconius
  24. A mother's faith
  25. Enjoy the victory
  26. A child will lead them
  27. Give glory to your God
  28. The Moujik Pakhôm
  29. Come up! But the Duke refused
  30. Wasted time
  31. God is faithful to his people
  32. What place for Israel in the Church?
  33. Responsible for her son's infirmity
  34. Truly compliant portrait
  35. Everything has been paid but so many regrets
  36. Reflections near an anthill
  37. The sign of Jerusalem
  38. To you too, He can and wants to speak to you
  39. She sowed in tears
  40. Clap with both hands
  41. Let's share the Gospel on every occasion
  42. Come to our Father
  43. The Bible and glasses
  44. The Genesis of Everything
  45. True wealth
  46. A bad book?
  47. What I was before
  48. The safe path
  49. The Indian trail
  50. His calm was his strength
  51. No more time to think
  52. Which is greater happiness: to keep or to give?
  53. The Wallace Fountains
  54. To completely erase
  55. Filial adoption
  56. The power of example
  57. The Creator had to pay
  58. The universal remedy
  59. The Savior
  60. He seemed like a righteous
  61. The Qumran Caves
  62. Surrounded by his father's prayers
  63. Grab the rope
  64. When everything has been tried
  65. A love that multiplies by sharing
  66. Thirteen at the table
  67. The one who was to come
  68. Dad's sermon
  69. I am not fed these fables
  70. See God
  71. Mr. Roth
  72. An even better idea
  73. The door was marked with blood
  74. Too late
  75. Mentioned in the Bible
  76. Stronger than death!
  77. The man who was tempted
  78. We can trust it
  79. Lost and found
  80. The one who never prays
  81. The hand of charity. Alexander The Great
  82. It's not a duck!
  83. Courage, I'll come soon
  84. The final auction
  85. Love in practice or the board thief
  86. A seed in the mud
  87. Become another man
  88. Awaken needs
  89. The artist
  90. I want to be his friend
  91. What to call yourself a Good Samaritan
  92. Know how to use it
  93. Enemies turned into friends
  94. Nothing impossible
  95. gesture of love
  96. Afraid to go to bed?
  97. Diamond diggers
  98. Life begins at eighty
  99. John Wesley
  100. John Wesley The Firebrand
  101. A word to exclude from our vocabulary?
  102. The Juggler
  103. Suspicious balances
  104. Unusual generosity
  105. True freedom
  106. A Bible printed for him alone
  107. A bullet that saved his life
  108. He despised his mother's letters
  109. Do not look at me
  110. Faith or panic?
  111. From the mouths of children
  112. Death on his knees David Livingstone
  113. God fulfills his promises
  114. Ask to receive
  115. Where was the Freedom Tower located?
  116. For the water to rise
  117. A good remedy
  118. Where does neglect lead?
  119. A masterpiece found
  120. But he has no worries
  121. We have a king
  122. The coulor pencils
  123. The Snow Prayer
  124. Don't you need anything?
  125. Psychology
  126. He is alive
  127. Blackmail and forgiveness
  128. I am a prisoner
  129. Mary Jones and her Bible
  130. The privilege of thanking
  131. God is love
  132. A thinking prisoner
  133. The common sense of a slave
  134. Blessed to bless others
  135. I saw victory
  136. Moody's brother
  137. The king knows the destination
  138. A fly
  139. Wonders of Creation
  140. Surrender behind the door
  141. Where does anger come from?
  142. Amazing riches in store
  143. The next
  144. If I had claimed my rights
  145. Three attitudes towards the cross
  146. General Hoche and the Chouan
  147. Try to learn to love them
  148. Persecutions
  149. Recognition and praise
  150. Blood-bought
  151. The Bible: the best indicator
  152. Meeting on a bridge
  153. The coveted bag
  154. Don't get angry
  155. True eloquence
  156. What a testament!
  157. A sacrifice that bears fruit
  158. His last words
  159. His death was a real preaching...
  160. My mother's Bible
  161. The price of my place in heaven
  162. Your God is better than mine
  163. The pastor's grandmother and son
  164. The Soldier and the Spider
  165. No sinner too big
  166. The pastor in disguise
  167. Hidden under the bed
  168. Pentecost
  169. Forbidden question!
  170. Serve out of love
  171. In the shadow of your wings
  172. Overcome evil with good
  173. Tertullian
  174. Recognize your iniquity
  175. An observation, an answer
  176. Student question
  177. Bad Seed
  178. The word that causes an avalanche
  179. The torch of Alexander the Great
  180. The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
  181. Who is your safe haven?
  182. A living Bible
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