30 days to make God your friend

30 days to make God your friend

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The book you hold in your hands is a practical guide to a deeper relationship with God. Perhaps you already know God as a savior, father, justice or master… but do you know him as a friend?

The Bible says that if we are Christians, we are friends of God.

- Who is this friend?
- How can I know him?
- What can I tell him?
- How can I get closer?

Learning about God in His many facets is the adventure of a lifetime.

This book offers to accompany you on this adventure for 30 days. Thirty days to set yourself apart daily and seek God's heart for you... that heart of a precious, faithful, loving friend and so much more.

“…I bless God because He has allowed me to sit down and experience precious moments with Him…Through this program, I experience more and more of His intimacy. »

“The program is a true blessing to me. I am experiencing a new encounter with my heavenly dad. »

Author: Éric Maréchal

ISBN: 9782880270834