100 unanswered teen questions

100 unanswered teen questions

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Your son or daughter comes home from class with a question that leaves you perplexed...You don't know how it came to him, but you are aware that his Christian life could be changed if you don't provide him with an answer. adequate. You are caught off guard and you need help.

This book is a valuable resource from which parents can draw lucid answers to their adolescent children's questions. Its presentation in question-answer format makes it an easy tool to consult and use by parents but also teachers and all those who work with young people.

The book answers around 100 questions that teenagers regularly ask on topics such as God, evil, evolution, sex, culture, school and the future.

It deals with complex issues such as…

  • Does God really exist, and where does evil come from?
  • Can we really trust the Bible?
  • Does modern science provide evidence to refute Christianity?
  • Is homosexuality genetic?
  • How to manage school, values, violence?

Start with a question and use the answer to start a discussion; save the others for later (you'll come back to them again and again).

You hold in your hands an invaluable resource designed by Charles COLSON, one of the leading Christian intellectuals.

Do you have children? You need this book. And them too.

ISBN: 9782906090576