1 and 2 Chronicles. Bible commentary

1 and 2 Chronicles. Bible commentary

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The Contemporary Bible Commentaries collection is an expansion of the Bible commentary in a single volume, Contemporary biblical commentary , which has won its letters of nobility. In this collection, African theologians explain the message of each book of the Bible in separate volumes. They adopted the preaching style, with articles that help apply the biblical text to the life of the local church.

The Book of Chronicles is set in the context of the third part of the Hebrew Bible, called the Writings. The author of Chronicles, called the Chronicler in this commentary, preaches to his contemporaries and highlights the importance of seeking God wholeheartedly and with joy.

The Book of Chronicles remains relevant today: the God the Chronicler speaks of is an inclusive God, and the temple, which is at the center of Chronicles, is open to all. This commentary thus highlights, among other principles, that according to which all the inhabitants of the earth have the same origin. In our world where anti-values ​​such as racism, tribalism, segregationism, etc., are still in vogue, the message of the same origin of all humans is still worth preaching.

Some characteristic features of the book:

  • Use of clear and simple language
  • Division into preaching units
  • Each section explained and commented is followed by an update
  • Illustrations from the African context
  • Questions at the end of each unit for discussions

Author: Laurent Loubassou

ISBN: 9781839734182