1-3 John, Bible Commentary

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Truth and love are recurring themes throughout the three epistles of John. Transformed by God, believers will be characterized by their love for the truth and will demonstrate genuine love toward others. John's fiery passion for the truth is combined with his gentle compassion for his readers, giving advice in his letters that is both personal and profound.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction to 1 John
  1. The certainties of the Word of life
  2. The Tests of Salvation – Part One: Faith in God and the Certainty of Sin
  3. The Tests of Salvation – Part Two: Faith in Forgiveness of Sins and Confession
  4. Jesus Christ: the divine defense lawyer and the perfect atoning victim
  5. The certainty of Christian assurance
  6. A new kind of love
  7. The varying degrees of spiritual growth
  8. The love that God hates
  9. Antichrists and Christians
  10. The hope that purifies
  11. The incompatibility between the Christian and sin
  12. The children of the devil and the children of God
  13. Holy affections
  14. Testing the Spirits
  15. Manifest Perfect Love
  16. How to recognize a winner
  17. God's witness
  18. Christian certainties
  • Introduction to 2 John
  1. Live in the truth
  2. The limits of love
  • Introduction to 3 John
  1. Sacrificial love toward those who are faithful to the truth
  2. The man who loved preeminence
  • Bibliography
  • Index of Greek words and expressions
  • Index of biblical references
  • Subject index

ISBN: 9782890821101