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Still married, still in love

Still married, still in love

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Marriages that last are a gift from Heaven... but they are rarely easy.

You know yourself now much better than at the beginning. You have learned to appreciate the little touches and you no longer play the role of ideal family.

And yet, anxieties about children, worries about money, health and accumulated disappointments can undermine the best of marriages.

In Still Married, Still in Love , famed marriage counselor Gary Chapman and journalist Harold Myra provide actionable, insightful ways to improve your marriage, even after all these years! They also offer us testimonies of the joys and struggles of very different couples.

Still Married, Still in Love is intended to be a compilation of encouragement. It will inspire and equip you to face the adventures that still await you, hand in hand with the one you love.

Gary Chapman is the director of a counseling firm. Educated at Moore Bible Institute, Wheaton College, he received his doctorate in philosophy from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is the author of numerous books on helping relationships, the best known of which is Les Langages de l'amour published in 1992 by Farel.

Harold Myra was editor of several magazines including Christianity Today . He accompanies Gary Chapman on several of his works.

ISBN: 9782863144787