The 2015 Sower Version Bible with large print

The 2015 Sower Version Bible with large print

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The text of the Bible of the Sower in its revised 2015 version is now available to a greater number of people with this large print edition which offers better reading comfort for all those who need or want it, whether for reading and personal meditation, in-depth study or public reading.

The objective of the Sower's Bible is to make the biblical text easily understandable to the uninformed reader, including for a first contact with the Bible, and to allow all those who are familiar with it to appreciate in a new way the meaning and richness of its message.

Fidelity to the original texts and accessibility remained the key words of the 2015 revision which made it possible to render the meaning of the original in an even more precise and intelligible manner, with formulations still based on the principle of functional equivalence, but which gain in conciseness and sobriety, all while respecting language registers: words which belong, in the original languages, to the religious register or to the secular register, are translated into French by words which belong to the same register.

The text of the Sower Bible in large print is accompanied by:

  • Introductions to each biblical book presenting what we know about its author, its date of writing as well as a brief presentation of its contents.
  • Notes informing manuscript variants and other possible understandings of the biblical text.
  • A glossary of biblical terms and some proper names.
  • Seven color maps.
  • A practical tip sheet for reading the Bible profitably.
  • A two-year reading plan.

ISBN: 9782755003451