Le petit jeu de la découverte - Un jeu pour les couples qui souhaitent mieux se connaître ou se redécouvrir

The little game of discovery

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1 mini book and an original game of 100 cards combining reflections, meditations and actions!

  • The little game of discovery is aimed at couples who want to know each other better or those who want to rediscover themselves and promote more harmonious relationships, in a fun and innovative way.
  • Very simple to use, it allows common reflections to emerge, to meditate together based on inspiring biblical verses and to take actions that will gradually lead to complicity and better mutual knowledge.
  • Inspired by marriage preparation methods, this game also meets the needs of those accompanying them, by offering a new approach, which can complement other tools generally used in couples sessions and seminars.

The game is broken down into 3 types of cards:

  • Reflection: A question allows you to address a theme of life as a couple. Everyone takes some time to think about it on their own and then exchanges their thoughts with the other, either immediately and spontaneously, or by postponing their response.
  • Meditation: The meditation card invites you to meditate on a biblical verse. It provides biblical insight aimed at deepening the question on a spiritual level, meditating on it, also letting oneself be surprised sometimes and thus enriching the initial reflection.
  • Action: it suggests a process to be carried out together and gives practical advice in order to encourage the development of quality moments and complicity within the couple. These actions must be carried out as soon as possible and if possible on a regular basis.

ISBN: 9782863144572